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Our future goals for this 47 acre site are to: create an agro-ecological teaching oasis for our Lakota people to come to and experience a better way of life.  We believe by partnering with SDSU’s project, we can, working cooperatively:

  • To build a walipini, a high tunnel, Root Cellar and outdoor garden to provide fresh food.

  • To provide food preservation classes such canning, drying

  • Teaching them traditional plants & herbs.

  • To sustainably build in a way that respects and honors the ways of our ancestors.

  • To offer Healthy Nutrition Classes that teach what each vegetable, fruit and protein does for our mind, heart, body.

  • To offer Traditional Foods.

  • To Farm for sustainability: We currently have chickens, roosters and horses.

  • Building a shop to teach mechanical skill sets to youth.

  • Creating an Indigenous Men’s Oyate (traditional society) site.

  • Creating an Indigenous Women’s Oyate (traditional society) site.

  • Composting (with worms) Project.

  • Establishing a long term Recycling Project.

  • Establishing Solar & Wind Energy projects

  • Building an Outdoor Amphitheater.

  • Building Housing for Volunteers.

  • Learning how to identify and protect the medicines and the water.

  • Becoming conscience of our responsibility to the environment and our ancestors.


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